Privacy Policy

To protect personal information provided from users, Hodensha Co. Ltd. manages our Personal Information Protection Rules as follows.

1. Personal Information

For the purpose of providing more useful services to users, Hodensha Co. Ltd. receives the user information (we denote “personal information” as following), provided as is voluntary that is individually identifiable, i.e. e-mail address, personal name, and address etc.

2. Clarification for the purpose of use

For your use to “Contact us” for Hodensha Co. Ltd. needs your personal information registration. The information acquired is only limited for the use of service from Hodensha Co. Ltd. Also, your information provided is disclosed voluntary, we don’t acquire the personal information without your consent.

3. Management measures for Personal Information

The information acquired is strictly secured by the operation company, Hodensha Co. Ltd. The identifiable information is not disclosed to third party without user’s prior consent. The rule is not applied in case of the court decree to disclose.

4. Third Party Outsourcing

For the execution of sending out questionnaires and direct mail from Hodensha Co. Ltd., handling the personal information acquired may only be outsourced to the third party where Hodensha permits their capability of handling personal information properly. In case of the outsourcing, Hodensha Co. Ltd. properly supervises the subcontractor to obey our personal information protection rules.

5. Link from Hodensha Co. Ltd. HP site

Hodensha Co. Ltd. HP includes the links to other sites. Collecting the personal information and its use, which is performed under the linked site or advertised sponsor’s site, is not our responsibility. If you have any doubt about how the personal information is handled at linked site or sponsor’s site, please contact directly to the site.

6. Opinions and Claims

If you have any opinion or claim regarding Hodensha Co. Ltd. Personal information protection handling, please send e-mail to with your address and full name attached.

7. Privacy Policy Change

According to the change of service contents and technical trends, Hodensha Co. Ltd. may change the policy contents of personal information protection. Please confirm for the updated privacy policy of Hodensha Co. Ltd. at this page.