System Engineering Division

Passion for the confidence creates another new confidence.
We, System Engineering Division, provides various Control Systems, where customer can feel delighted using our system based on our rich experiences and new technologies.
Hodensha have manufactured power receiving switchgears, instrumentation and control boards, and computer control boards. Other works include manufacturing control boards, that is a brain of FA system, and FA & CIM system. We support whole systems from planning proposals to next successive works, i.e. design, production, installation, test, and maintenance service. Every proposal we made is concrete, because our know-how and highly technological skills are accumulated in many engineering fields. Sales staffs, and engineering staffs rely on each other, and this strong teamwork is the foundation of Hodensha’s development, and proposals.
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General Manager
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi

Product and Service

Electrical Control Design, Control Panel Manufacturing, Electrical Construction, PC Software Development (Conveyer Control, Rewind and Wind-down Control, Line Control, Custom machine Control, Operation Monitoring, Remote Monitoring and Measurement DCS)

Business Profile

Our support is one stop solution that helps customer’s consistent system integration from planning, design, manufacturing and installation, construction, test run and adjustment, to maintenance.
Also, we have many implementation results in wide varieties of business category, i.e., pharmaceuticals, food, chemistry, semiconductor and liquid crystal, machine tool, general machine etc..

  • manufacturing, sales and installation construction of electronic control panel and integrated monitoring device
  • Manufacturing, sales and installation construction of FA system, i.e., automated production line etc.
  • Engineering system development
  • Manufacturing and sales of industrial electric device
  • Hardware design for industrial device and software design for PC and PLC
  • System design
    We decide appropriate system configuration and control sequence etc. to implement customer’s requirements.
  • Hardware design
    We draw outline drawing and internal block diagram for control panel, expansion connection diagram, and parts list based on system design contents.
    These works are proceeded confirming various technical standards and individual parts specification.
  • Debug and operation test
    Operation test is implemented when panel hardware and control software are ready.
  • Final test at vendor’s test site
    Check device arrangement and wiring works whether the artifact is as same as the drawing directed or not, and tighten a screw so as not to become loose.

Contact Us to the System Engineering Division

Telephone Number:+81-54-626-8111
Business hour 8:00-17:00(JST)
FAX Number:+81-54-626-7206
24-hour reception

2F and 3F, Headquarter Building, 357, Echigoshima, Yaizu-Shi, Shizuoka, 425-0092 JAPAN