President's greeting

Innovate and challenge continuously for costumer's prosperity

Nowadays, technology innovation is proceeding without a rest. Sensitivity to be smart enough to gather trend of times, intelligence for analysis and realization, and technological competency are the key essentials.
Our engineering staff are struggling to R&D work toward higher grade intelligence, that is needs of the times.
We are forwarding and working hard for a familiar but a brand new theme by catching customer needs properly and delivering more sophisticated products and services which they wanted.
We wish to be a warm-hearted enterprise, where individuality and sensitivity of employees are worthy, in a liberal atmosphere and gentle environment.

Representative Director Mitsuhiro Matsuda

Company philosophy

Be professional

Management Philosophy

We, Hodensha group people, aim for truly valuable enterprise and realize confidence and richness of Hodensha group and all people around us.

  • 1.We will act as customers first principle.
  • 2.All employees are sales engineers.
  • 3.Customer’s satisfaction, company’s growth and employee’s happiness are the Trinity.