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Opening the future with high technology
Automation needs made the industrial robot active. We devote ourselves to automate and improve productivities among worldwide “Manufacturing” sites.
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We, Sun-Tech Co. Ltd., installed high quality Factory Automation devices in many industrial fields, i.e., pharmaceuticals, food, semiconductor, liquid crystal and robot etc. since our establishment. Our business covers design, manufacturing parts, assembly, installation work in Japan and all over the world and trial run and adjustment through consistently coordinated team organization. Quality, Cost and appointed date of delivery, abbreviated as famous word QCD, are trinity and essentials for the customer satisfaction. We are eager to consider and execute our business from user’s point of view.
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Takashi Nakanishi

Business Profile

  • Food manufacturing related devices and person-saving, and labor-saving machine
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supplies manufacturing related devices and person-saving, and labor-saving machine
  • Industrial robot system and peripheral conveyer system
  • Other general industrial machine and factory automation device
  • Image processing device and miscellaneous inspection device
  • FA conveyer line
  • Other general industrial machine and factory automation device
  • System development business for various devices and automated control device merged with electronic technology
  • Design, manufacturing and installation work at site for various machine devices and system devices denoted above
  • Total production for the installation and after-maintenance installation
  • Design and manufacturing for FA system device
    Our staff is assigned at project order basis and forward the job. Human resources specialized in automated engineering and conveyer engineering etc. are enough and widely varied.
  • Enough facilities
    Our facilities are equipped for various kinds of manufacturing requirements, i.e., clean room manufacturing for non-dusty environment, design work, cutting work, sheet metal work etc.. Processing by machining center, NC milling machine, general milling machine, NC lathe, General lathe and stainless manufacturing work are our favorite.
  • High precision assembly work
    Skilled worker assembles the device checking the status and precisions for the finished parts to be ready for assembling. In case of the problem, caused from no consideration and/or no review in design stage, is found in assembly stage, the work is properly processed as is predefined in the instruction manual and simultaneously give the feedback to the original design department.
  • Total producer
    We are total producer that coordinate design, manufacturing, installation work at site, adjustment work, after-maintenance for various machine devices and system devices.

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