December, 1954 Hodensha Co. Ltd. was established, (Capital 300,000 Yen, Founder Saburo Matsuda)
as main business was indoor wiring and outside wiring installation work at Chubu Electric Power Company jurisdiction.
March, 1955 General-purpose electric parts sales for big user started.
March, 1957 Hodensha started sales of heavy electric apparatuses for big set maker, those were generator, motor, compressor, hoist and transformer etc.
June, 1960 Solo agency agreement in Shizuoka prefecture with Aichi Electric Work Co. Ltd. (currently Aichi Electric Co. Ltd.) was entered.
June, 1962 Hodensha started sales of Ebara Corporation products.
December, 1962 Hodensha started service business as Toshiba Service Station Co. Ltd. agent.
February, 1963 As solo agent for Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Co. (currently Omron Corporation), Hodensha advanced into Automation control market.
October, 1964 Hodensha started manufacturing and sales of remote monitoring and control system for the source of a river (Patent No. 279582), whose trade name was “Water Rimo-con”.
June, 1972 Control board works completed at 388, Echigoshima, Yaizu-shi.
February, 1973 Keiso Kojyo Co. Ltd. (currently System Engineering Division) established with Hodensha’s full investment, where the main business was manufacturing automatic control boards and development of factory automation system.
May, 1973 Hodensha starts sales as agent of Japan Hoist Co. Ltd.
May, 1975 The sales of positioning device (Patent applied) developed at Keisou Kojyo started.
May, 1976 Large scale ultra low temperature refrigerator, which was the largest in Asia, was finished for Japan Bonito and Tuna Fishery Union Cooperative.
July, 1980 New Keiso Kojyo (i.e. Automation factory) finished and moved to new address 357, Echigoshima, Yaizu-Shi.
September, 1981 Two metal sheets detection device for press machine (Patent applied) was developed.
April, 1986 Hodensha group introduced self-supporting accounting system into divisions.
Six divisions play the leading role, those are Electric Equipment Installation Division, Yaizu Branch, Telecommunication Division, Heavy Electric Equipments Service Headquarter, FA Division (currently System Engineering Division) and Computer Division. Three staff departments, those are General Management Office, General Sales Headquarter and Management Planning Department, are set as supporting functions in Headquarter. New sales activities started.
May, 1991 Quality Management Support System (QBLaxI) developed and sales started.
April, 1992 Sun-Tech Co. Ltd. as a subsidiary company established, whose activity is machine assembly.
SunLoft Co. Ltd. as a subsidiary company established, whose activity is J&P computer development.
May, 1993 PC-LAX (Medical Laboratory Information Management System) developed and sales started.
August, 1993 Remote I/O Communication Controller (HINS) developed and sales started.
September, 1993 Sun-Tech Co. Ltd. Headquarter works established at Okabe town. (land 1,600 m2, building 730m2)
November, 1993 SunBrissa Co. Ltd. (currently SunRick Division) established, sheet metal manufacturing division was separated and became independent. The work finished at Koyashiki, Yaizu-shi.
December, 1993 Western Sales Office established in Kakegawa-Shi.
May, 1994 Hodensha Techno-Building established, headquarter administration department and FA Division (currently System Engineering Division) moved in and aggregated.
July, 1994 Wave maker control system (Patent applied) for wave maker pool developed and delivered to Nagoya City.
April, 1995 Panel computer for process control (HDDC-100) developed and sales started.
May, 1995 Hodensha was registered as Toshiba specified board maker
August, 1995 Capital expanded (new capital 480,000,000 Yen)
November, 1995 Sizuoka Prefecture Scientific Engineering Distinguished Service Medal received (Space saving remote I/O communication controller development)
May, 1996 Hodensha Heavy Electric Equipments Service Co. Ltd. Established. Service maintenance business was expanded.
March, 1997 Patent applied for Image Scanner Diffusion Filter.
Patent applied for automated distinction device for printed matters (HQ8100). Sales for domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer started.
February, 1998 ISO9001certification was awarded to FA Division (currently System Engineering Division and Intelligent System Development Division) by BVQI.
October, 1998 ISO9001 certification was awarded to Electric Equipment Installation Division by BVQI.
December, 2000 ISO9001 certification was awarded to SunLoft Co. Ltd. by BVQI.
March, 2002 SunBrissa Co. Ltd. (currently SunRick Division) moved to Yoshida town, acreage of the works was expanded almost twice, brand new machine introduced. Adding to conventional metal sheet manufacturing work, design and manufacturing work for system control board started.
August, 2003 Mitsuhiro Matsuda was assumed as Representative Director.
ISO14001 certification was awarded to Headquarter, Electric Equipment Installation Division, System Engineering Division and Intelligent System Development Division by BVQI.
May, 2005 Hodensha MenTech Co. Ltd., Hodensha SunRick Co. Ltd. and Hodensha ISD Co. Ltd. were absorbed into Hodensha Co. Ltd.. Seven Divisions are established as Electric Equipment Installation Division, Telecommunication Division, Yaizu Branch, Heavy Electric Equipment Service Division, System Engineering Division, Intelligent System Development Division and SunRick Division.
April, 2006 台湾朋電舎有限公司 established.