ISO(Quality and Environmental) measures


ISO9001 Certified
Certified date 12/2/1998
Certification body BV
Registered No. 3490663
Certified Site System Engineering Division
Intelligent System Development Division
ISO9001 Certified
Certified date 29/10/1999
Certification body BV
Registered No. 3982921
Certified Site Electrical Equipment Installation Division

Quality Policy (System Engineering Division/Intelligent System Development Division)

1. Customer satisfaction is secured by technology, quality and competitiveness . (Set goals and improve continuously.)
2. We don’t flow out non-conformities found at present phase for the latter part of our business processes. (Confirm law regulations and customer requirements, and realize them.)
3. Promote standardization activities and execute them. (Promote rational and economical quality management.)
4. Everyone is the person in charge. (Promote fully participated action.)
Establishment 4/10/2008
System Engineering Division Nobuyuki Ogawa
Intelligent System Development Division Mitsuhiro Matsuda

Quality Policy (Electrical Equipment Installation Division)

1. Customer satisfaction is secured by management capability, technology and competitiveness . (Improve customer satisfaction)
2. Terminate non-conformities and solve quickly. (Clarify the responsibility and improve customer satisfaction.)
3. Promote and execute standardization activities. (Promote rational and economical quality management, and improve continuously.)
4. Draw up quality records and maintain them. (Everyone is the person in charge. )
Establishment 21/5/2012
Electrical Equipment Installation Division General Manager


ISO14001 Certified
Certified date 19/8/2003
Certification body BV
Registered No. 3965320
Certified Site Headquarter
System Engineering Division
Intelligent System Development Division
Electrical Equipment Installation Division

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Hodensha Co. Ltd. (Headquarter, Electrical Equipment Installation Division, System Engineering Division and Intelligent System Development Division) is a general electric company that the main business is “manufacturing of electrical control board and computerized management system, and installation of electrical equipment”. We will act to promote environmentally conscious production activities in our basic philosophy, considering whole earth preservation toward the prevention of global-warming and material consumption, so that beautiful earth in a healthy state will be succeeded to the next generation.

Basic Policy
1. We set up environmental goals and environmental objectives and promote them according to environmental effect assessment in our business activities, products and services. Also, we participate fully and improve continuously for the environmental preservation activities, where these activities are capable of doing technically and economically.
2. We obey laws concerned with environmental preservation, activity norms that our company agree with the business circles, and our originally defined standards.
3. We arrange environmental management organization, where our organization and employees can take actions toward the promotion of earth environment preservation.
4. We measure antipollution in production phase, as follows.

(1) Energy saving promotion by introducing less power consumption production system
(2) Reduction, collection and recycle for disposed plastics, used papers, electric wires, remained parts and waste
(3) Quality securement, efficiency improvement, production improvement, waste removal, and energy savings by normal business activities improvement and reduction of material waste
5. By internal assessment, we maintain and improve self-managed environmental management system (EMS).
6. By environmental education promotion for all employees, we improve awareness of environmental preservation via understanding for environmental policy and environmental information well-known informed. Also, we request for all business partners to understand and cooperate.
7. Implementation status about environmental consideration for technology, material, product and environment management are open to the public, if necessary.
Hodensha Co. Ltd.
President and Representative Director

Mitsuhiro Matsuda