Research and Development Department

Core technology development and data verification
As we received the request from Hodensha Co. Ltd. business divisions, we are in charge of prototyping the commercial product that they finally want. Also, we have basic research and development missions for core technologies.
As we received the requests from our business divisions, we develop core part of our commercial product and make its prototype. When the outcome became ready, we provide the prototype to the requested division, for example ISD division, and the division reassembled prototype functionality as a part of commercial product. Our R&D work is sometimes from zero to one start since we have to respond brand new requirements, those are not realized by the combination of current technologies and commercial products.
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Deputy director
Nobuyuki Munegumi

Business Profile

Image processing device development for our commercial product
The target customer for the commercial product is pharmaceutical factory. The medical product itself, wrapping box, and accompanying document are inspected by image processing technology device developed by R&D team. To achieve the requirements of accuracy of inspection and speed of inspection, we design and develop the device by using the combinational software and hardware technologies, i.e., image processing technologies and optical devices.

  • Application field of image processing technology
    1. Development for inspection engine of printing inspection system
    2. Development for Braille reading device (Optical image processing method) etc.
  • Advanced technology field of manufacturing and inspection line in the real world
    1. Barcode reading device (application for distribution system) by invisible ink to the naked eye
    2. Laboratory information management system by use of tablet terminal
    3. foreign bodies detection and inspection method (Feasibility study) by use of ultra-infrared rays etc.
  • Electronics and mechanical application technology field
    1. Development for braille reading device development (Handy-type)
    2. Development and prototyping for organic electroluminescence display device / lighting system etc.
  • Aspect of testing scene
  • Prototype device assembly

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