Our Dreams


We are integrating total power from hardware to software for earth environment protection.
Hardware Division of Hodensha installs and completes electric works of large general equipment and industrial equipment etc. as well as weak electric current equipment, security control equipment, communication equipment, and air conditioning equipment. The component products used are made of Software Division via development and production engineering. The confidence for consistent project-oriented structure made various results in local industries and public facilities. These results further bring us new demands and confidence.


Passion for the confidence creates another new confidence.
Hodensha have manufactured power receiving switchgears, instrumentation and control boards, and computer control boards. Other works include manufacturing control boards, that is a brain of FA system, and FA & CIM system. We support whole systems from planning proposals to next successive works, i.e. design, production, installation, test, and maintenance service. Every proposal we made is concrete, because our know-how and highly technological skills are accumulated in many engineering fields. Sales staffs, and engineering staffs rely on each other, and this strong teamwork is the foundation of Hodensha’s development, and proposals.


Technology comes closer to human-being along with day-by-day progress.
Hodensha provides the whole range of electronics technology from microcomputer system to power electronics unit by mean of our development expertise and experience. We are proud of interface technologies to connect various local equipments with computer as a system key technology. We support computer system integration for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factories in pharmaceutical industries, those are Production Management System (PMS), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System etc..
Our proposal is the best IT-solution for the customer’s needs.


Field area for challenging issues is unlimited and wide enough, and minuteness is essential for us to support and realize big scale dreams.
Engineering of Hodensha includes heavy electric works, such as generators, and motors, as well as communication facilities, for example, Nobeyama Radio Observatory in Nagano Prefecture. Hodensha’s Project team integrated the control of the eighty-four parabola antennas, double shafts step motors, and electric wave receivers. In spite of heavy weather condition at Nobeyama highland, where in summer high temperature goes up to forty degree centigrade, and in winter low temperature goes down to minus forty degree centigrade, the devices are precisely controlled, and acquiring the data for observing the sun’s activities.
In addition, Hodensha recently offered the antenna control system at Okinawa for the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS). Global positioning system (GPS) currently deploys 31 satellites and is operated. There are some covering issues, when you locate in urban canyons and mountainous areas of high latitudes Japan. To compensate these issues, the unique satellite named as Quasi-Zenith Satellite System MICHIBIKI was developed on orbit so as to always fly near the zenith over Japan. To calibrate the datum of the position of satellites and UT (Universal Time) from the ground station, the control device for the antenna of communication system was developed by Hodensha and delivered to the customer. We provide superior engineered products and services to the wide variety of fields around the world.


When we open the door toward rich future, we pursue enterprise progress and possibility of computer.
Use of computers became an ordinary scene in various purposes, and places, such as factories, offices, schools, hospitals, stores, and houses. Our view point of development stands at user’s side, and the system is designed as user-friendly, easy to use. Our applications varies in many fields by the integration of superior peripherals and LANs. Homepage production and its operation is the base of business activities, and Hodensha utilize infinite possibility of computer technology in both hardware and software to realize its operation one by one. Our proposals, products and services for the enterprise computer use as essential tools for efficiency and cost saving are flexible and expandable with the consideration of future issues and changes.


Polyhedron enterprise – “Realize human dreams”
“Realize human dreams”, this is the eternal theme of Hodensha that we have aimed, and realized since our foundation. Hodensha work on many engineering areas as a general electric company, and try to create the ideal space for people in the place of production, and living. Our philosophy, “the main focus is human”, is applied for our organization and human resource development, i.e. software group (such as planning, design, and development), hardware group (such as manufacturing, installation, and electric construction works), sales group, and total maintenance and service group. Project oriented organization structure, as is unique and consistent, makes it possible to respond flexibly to infinite variety of needs from many customers.