Sunloft Co. Ltd.

IT enterprise with company philosophy “Technology with user-friendliness”
Sunloft propose “Cloud”, trendy business administration system and Web system
Sunloft Co. Ltd. proprietary HP link
Sunloft was established on 1992. Within 20 more years, technologies that changed our life style and business style drastically has been introduced, i.e., Personal Computer, Windows, internet, social media and smart phone etc.. Sunloft will provide trendy IT system and send a message intimately to our customer as “how technologies and services are useful and effective in business daily life.”.
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Toshitaka Matsuda

Business Profile

  • Web site production and operating support
  • Business system development
  • Cloud environment integration, iPhone and iPad sales
  • IT Training and call center
  • Sales promotion
  • IT support for kindergarten and nursery school computerized operation
  • Web site production and system integration for solving issues and/or achieving goals
    First, we listen to customer’s voices carefully to grasp tangible and/or latent issues and problems. Second, by use of IT, we set the final target and try to solve issues and achieve goals through mutual discussions and customer’s proactive contribution.
  • Sponsoring business enterprise IT proactive seminar
    Sunloft sponsors IT seminars focused on the theme as “IT trend word and enterprise management“. Please feel free to join our seminar.
  • Running Cloud computing
    Sunloft utilize typical cloud service Google Apps™ on 2010 and iPad on 2011for all employees to use daily work. We propose most suitable cloud system for customers by use of our know-how.
  • 76,000 newspapers issued for 11,000 kindergarten and nursery schools over Japan
    IT newspapers specially focused for nursery nurse named as “Pastel IT newspapers” is monthly issued for the kindergarten, nursery school, and schools for nursery nurse training all over Japan.

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